Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask Review

I was scouting and roaming around Riley Rose when I found the Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask. I was going through their products because they looked interesting and the packaging was excellent. This was while I was looking for a product to try, and the night mask caught my attention.

How to Use The Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask

The Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask is an intensive treatment which is supposed to nourish, moisturize, and hydrate your skin overnight. The mask has a gel texture that absorbs quickly into the skin when massaged. I like to apply it thirty minutes before going to bed so that it doesn’t get to rub off all over the pillowcase.

I began to see changes with the mask after about two weeks of using it every night. My skin became so much clearer and so much brighter. The scars from my pimples also got so much lighter, and the fine lines disappeared.

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I love how my skin felt that morning, and I could definitely say that this was the mask that did that. I am confident of this because the only thing that I used every night for those two weeks was this intensive treatment

Further Effects Of Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask

My skin was oily during the day, but I know that in certain parts like my forehead and my chin, I was getting dry. I couldn’t use any kind of moisturizer during the day because I would break out. As a result, the only time I could actually use an intensive moisturizing treatment was during the night. As you would expect, I stuck by this, and the gel did not make my skin feel greasy.

“I was super, super impressed. I really, really do like the product, and I’m impressed that a product that I just bought on a whim, not knowing anything about the brand nor the product, has quickly become a favorite and a staple in my skincare cabinet.”

My Review Of Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask

I was super impressed with the effects I got from the Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask, and I really do like the product. Even though I had practically bought the mask on a whim and did not know anything about the brand, it has quickly become a favorite, and a staple in my skincare cabinet and it is not going out. I love the fragrance, and it’s really light and fresh and flowery. The texture is light and airy, and it is not exactly a gel.

I really do love this mask, and I would recommend it for any skin type. If you have oily skin or combination skin, then this is definitely for you. . If you cannot use an intensive moisturizing treatment during the day because our skin can get oily, then this is for you as well.

I think this would work as an excellent moisturizing and hydrating treatment during the night. Also, a little of it does go a long way. I suggest that if you are going to use this every night as an intensive treatment, you could use it for two to three months. However, you can use it once a week to make it last longer. I recommend that you use it every night as this can make you see results much faster than I did. The product contains hyaluronic acid, which helps with skin hydration and SE Gluta, which promotes skin rejuvenation. It also has my favorite ingredient, which is the prickly pear seed oil and Centella Asiatica

Where To Get Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask

I got my Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask at Riley Rose in the US. You can find it at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters if you are in the US and at Look Fantastic if you are in the UK. If you are in the UAE you can find this on Namshi. You can also get this from Amazon.

Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask is easy to use, and the company is cruelty-free. I’m not sure whether it’s vegan or not. It has excellent packaging and goes for $36 per tube of 120 grams.

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