Pixi Retinol Tonic – review

I was super excited to try the Pixi retinol tonic. I bought this as soon as it was out. I reviewed the other two: the original Pixi glow tonic as well as the rose tonic before, and I’ll link that up here for you to watch. I just could not pass this up.

” Over the counter retinol is generally weaker “

It’s described as a potent youth preserving tonic, and it does contain the derivatives of vitamin A, which helps in rejuvenating the skin. A powerful antioxidant which gives the skin a softer, smoother appearance and is also supposed to work on sensitive skin.

Over the counter retinol is generally weaker and safer to use. It does take time though with retinoids … about 12 to 15 weeks. I like using retinol for my skin, but this tonic for some reason makes my skin really sensitive to use on an everyday basis. So I just use it once a week.

I have noticed the skin feels so much smoother. The texture has changed and it has also reduced my fine lines. Well, not completely. I guess that’s going to take some time. Overall, the skin does look healthier. I use this once a week just at night. I would suggest using a physical or a mineral sunscreen once you’ve started to include retinol in your daily skin care routine as the skin does get sensitive.

I also do use a retinol cream as a mask daily, and I will review that in a different video. I do prefer a retinol cream over this retinol tonic, though. So I would be repurchasing this in the future.

You do get two different sizes of this retinol tonic: the 100 mL, which I have here, is priced at $15. And the bigger one which is the 250 mL bottle is priced at $30. I know you can find this on the Pixi website as well. I believe Cult Beauty also has it. I’m not really sure, though. But I will also put a link down in the description box to Amazon.

I use this with a cotton round since it’s a liquid, but I feel like I end up wasting product since it absorbs in the cotton round. I’ve also tried just putting some in my fingers and massaging this on my face. It is a good tonic if you’re using a retinol for the first time. I just prefer a cream over the liquid.

If you are a young adult in your 20s, I would recommend trying this out. For deeper wrinkles, I suggest getting yourself a good retinol serum or a good retinol cream. Keep in mind though when you start using retinol or a retinoid, your skin is susceptible to sun damage. You have to use sunscreen. I’m going to be adding the ingredient list here for you to read.

Pixi Retinol Tonic Ingredient  list

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